Welcome To First Strike AirsofT

90 Miners bank Rd, mcleans island Ph: 0800 526 259 

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Why Choose us?

We are the Airsoft Professionals, Our customers receive the best 

guns and gear and we have the most realistic war games that you 

will ever play. We use enviromentally friendly BB's made from corn,

We don't use plastic electric guns that can break, batteries that go 

flat, magazines you have to wind as you fire and can't play in the rain. 

We supply you with a realistic Tippmann M4 hpa carbine, 120rd spring 

loaded mags, realistic sound and recoil and works in the rain,

Check them out on Youtube.

PLEASE NOTE: Airsoft does sting, so please bring light 

gloves and camos if you wish. Anyone caught removing 

there goggles will be asked to leave, no exceptions.

Call Your Hits...No one Likes a Cheat...We welcome Go Pro's And Web Cams 

to Capture the Experience.


You can make up your own game play.

  • Capture Heartbreak Ridge
  • Attack Hamburger Hill
  • Capture The Flag
  • Fire Base
  • Hold & Capture Fort Timmy
  • Beware Of The Spy
  • Attack Bunker Hill
  • Free For All
  • Last Man Standing
  • Jungle Ambush
  • Zombie

PLEASE NOTE: Attackers have 3 lives, defenders one life, this is optional, 

unlike paintball no paint splats, you can wear or make up your own 

uniforms or gear.



$30.00 Includes:

  • Tippman hpa m4 Carbine with hpa tank and 80 round magazine, mesh goggles.
  • 2x 120 round magazines
  • 1x battle jacket, each team gets a different colour, green or black.
  • 1x head hoodie with throat and head protection, green or black
  • Extra 120 Magazines $5.00
  • hpa Air fills are free
  • upgrades, genuine aim point scope, red or green dot, full auto mode, front folding grip $10.00

 Can you bring your own gear?

 Yes, but conditions apply.

  • no plastic BB's, they are banned full stop.
  • we don't have battery charges.
  • a field fee will apply.
  • you cannot join with customers unless you come with them or have your own team.

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90 MINERS BANK Rd, Mcleans Island


Ph: 0800 526 259

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